Pure Uptempo, High Octane, Gypsy-Folk

Liz Marriott

Queen of the Black Marsh,

Singer of Forgotten Melodies,

Eater of that last biscuit you wanted.

Adam Cygan

Jester to the High Court,

Drinker of a Thousand Spirits,

Super annoying after a couple of beers.

Robin Grace

Mage of the Forbidden Magics,

Knower of the Ways of the Deep,

Got lost on his way to the photoshoot. 

Ciaran Danaher

The Great Learned One,

High Priest to the Demon King,

Forgetter of songs we've been working on for months.

Jonathan Eve

Master Of Ceremonies,

Keeper of the Ancient Scrolls,

Purveyor of suspicious bodily odours.

Max Hing

The Great Bard of Legend,

Writer of the Sagas of Infinity,

Rubbish at video games.

Richard James

Beater of Broken Skins,

Dancer upon the Flames of Mischief,

Desperately needs a girlfriend.

Lon Fisher

Wait, who?

Oh yeah.

This guy.

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