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Pure Uptempo, High Octane, Gypsy-Folk

Formed in 2016 by mandolinist Jonathan Eve and accordionist Adam Cygan, The Whiskey Rebellion began as an attempt to create a collaborative group focused on exploring their shared musical inspirations. Being highly influenced by traditional folk music from Ireland, Poland, Scandinavia and England, as well as a healthy passion for punk and metal, they began piecing together a group of similarly motivated musicians from the surrounding Leicestershire area. However, tragedy soon struck, as after a night of heavy drinking and personal introspection, they realised they were actually terrible and decided to scrap the whole thing.

They eventually sobered up and figured that they might as well try again, but this time they would attempt to make it sound good. Sort of. So they wrote a bunch of songs and recorded a shifty CD in Adam's attic using a stolen laptop, and  began flogging them for a tenner at live shows. Sales quickly skyrocketed to the 5's and 6's, then to the 8's and 9's!  Before they knew it, they had sold the bare minimum to make back the cost of the glue and sellotape they used to put the CD cases together! And just like that, stardom was born!

Pushing themselves to achieve greater things, they recruited Jonathan's life partner and personal hygiene consultant Liz Marriott as a singer, but she immediately decided she wanted nothing to do with it and left to get some crisps. She eventually returned after she got bored, plus it turned out she'd run out of Prawn Cocktail flavour (Which is scientifically proven to be the best flavour of crisp). Along with her, she brought guitarist Lon Fisher and banjo player Max Hing, both of whom had no idea who she was or how they got there, but as they had nothing better to do they might as well roll with it.

After a brief period of confusion surrounding the matter of who was best at Mario Kart, a decision was made to get some more musicians involved in the project. Mostly because Adam wanted to find someone who would agree to play as Peach. The resulting recruitment drive culminated in the inclusion of drummer Richard James, violinist Ciaran Danaher, and a local toaster repair man called Robin Grace who couldn't play bass but would give it a damned good try. 

As the eight of them girded their loins and set their sights on stardom, they realised none of them had a clue how to book gigs. So they made this website in the hope that someone might contact them.


Please? Anyone? We'll bring cake and Lucozade. We promise.

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